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Shane Hindocha
5 By 5 Property System ™

Put certainty into your future

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No credit card details.
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We don't even need your phone number!

As The Founder Of Castleriver, I Was Able To Analyse:

1,817 Property Investors...
and 107,703 Property Transactions...

Here's What I've Discovered (New Research):

The Single Biggest Secrets To Purchasing Successful Property Investments

...without spending ANY Effort!

From: Shane Hindocha
London, United Kingdom

There is a big difference between thinking about purchasing a property investment...

and purchasing a property that is actually going to make money (wouldn't you agree?).

As the Founder and CEO of Castleriver, I have a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of thousands of property trends and transactions, see what's working, and what's not working.

Recently we analysed over 1,817 property investors, and looked at over 107,703 property transactions right here in the UK...

Trying to find a pattern of what made some property investors successful, while others flopped.

As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick or easy process.

We drew a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading us into some big "dead ends..."

But then something cool happened...

As I Kept Digging and Analysing and Discussing,

A Set Of Patterns Emerged...

And what I found shocked me! I found that it had almost NOTHING to do with:
  • What type of property experience you had
  • How good you were at negotiating
  • Or even how long you spent looking for deals
But instead, it had everything to do with your ability to:
  • Access below-market-value properties
  • Account for potential future risks
  • Implement a property strategy that generates an income for life...
  • Grow from your 1st property purchase to a portfolio of 5+ properties...
  • ​Build a power team of experts and specific professionals

They Had Mastered The Art Of
Outsourcing Key Roles...

To Help Them To Achieve The Results That They Wanted...

And they all started with one very CLEAR thought...

"I'd like to own properties and build a property portfolio"

And that's when I got thinking...
Why are so many people that are interested in purchasing their 1st or 2nd property investment...NOT PURCHASING?!

I mean, there were 2.66 million landlords across Britain back in 2019, Hamptons International calculated...

And 30% of these landlords owned more than one buy-to-let property...which means it must have worked for them the 1st time round right

So what was stopping someone from diving straight in
to their first property investment purchase?

Well, here's what I figured out...

The REAL biggest CHALLENGES that will stop you

  • KNOWLEDGE (lack of):
  • "Do properties actually double in value every 7 – 10 years?"
  • ​"Will I qualify for a mortgage?"
  • ​"How much money do I really need to start investing in properties?"
  • ​"Where should I buy?"
  • "​How do I ensure that I will get good tenants for my property?"
  • ​"​Say if the property is in bad condition? The costs could be endless"
  • "Will the property rent out?"
  • ​​"How do you figure out how much a property is actually worth?"
  • "Say if I do buy this property, and then a better property deal comes up? I think I'll just wait."
  • "I haven't got time to focus on this now. I'll get round to it."
  • "Property prices may fall. I better wait."
  • PLAN (lack of):
  • "How many properties do I actually need, to be financially free?"
  • "What's my exit strategy?"
  • ​"What's the most efficient way to start and scale?"
  • TEAM (lack of):
  • "Whose expertise can I utilise?"
  • "Whose experience can I lean on?"
  • "Who can help & guide me on every step this journey?"

So, in order to empower individuals to have the confidence to purchase their 1st or 2nd property investment

And Create Certainty Over Their Future...

I developed the 5 By 5 Property System™ 

...5 properties in 5 steps.

A scientific and calculated process to generate an income for life
& achieve much-needed time, money & fulfilment in your life...

WITHOUT much effort!

So how does it all work?
Fill in your details below and prepare to take charge of your future!

Put certainty into your future

Almost Complete...

No credit card details.
No course up-sell.
We don't even need your phone number!

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